A reservation made for an event with us at Vida Pole is non refundable after you have paid the deposition on 25% of the events price. You can change your booking to another day if you want. Contact us at and we will help you change the reservation!  

Cancelation policy
Within 14 days of your registration you can cancel your purchase and get your money back/have the invoice revoked by emailing us at After 14 days the course is non refundable! This means that you have a spot on the course reserved just for you and the we can’t refund the tuition if you would unable to attend your classes.
However you can change your registration to another class within current round of courses or make up for missed classes if another class has open spots.  🌟

Illness and injuries
If you can’t continue the course class because of illness, injury or some other reason and you have a doctors certificate, you can get 50% of the tuition refunded for the classes that you will be missing. You can also choose to save the classes to the next 8-weeks block! Email your certificate to and we will help you! 💙

Check that your email is correct
You will get a confirmation email, digital key, invoice/receipt and information about the courses to the emailadress that is linked to your account in our bookingsystem Agendo. Make sure that the address is correct! If you choose to create you account in sync with Facebook, the synced emailaddress will be the address that you have registered on Facebook. If you wan’t another address you need to change the address that you use for Facebook, log out and then back in and it will get updated in Agendo aswell. 🐬

Personal information
The information that you enter to the booking system (name, address, ID-number, phonenumber, emailaddress and profile picture from facebook if you have linked your account) will be saved in the system for two years after your last active course. In order for us to adapt the curriculum in the best possible ways we also save information about you previous courses ans attended classes. If you would like to see the information or have it removed, send us an email to ✨