Welcome on Pole Play! This is when you can come train on your own together with other students! You find all the occasions in our schedule! Pole Play is included when you are attending a course. If you’re not attenting a course it’s 100 sek for one occasion and 500 sek for a month. 🐬

After you have attended your first pole class or intro class you can start training on your own at Pole Play!

On rare occasions there might be changes in the Pole Play schedule, so make sure to check the updated schedule before going to the studio.

Payment for  Pole Play is made on the button that says “Boka kurs” below!


Pole Play Crew! The team that makes sure we have a good schedule for Pole Play is called Pole Play Crew! You can see who we are and what we look like on the pictures in the lounge! We are often in the studio during Pole Play to make sure that everybody feels welcome and comfortable! Don’t hesitate to come up to us and ask questions or just chat a little!

Attendance list! Before you start your session you register on the attendance list for Pole Play! It’s located on the wall to the right of the glass doors in the lounge! The list is for everybodys security in case something happens, so that you can show that you are attending a course/have paid for Pole Play but also so that we know what hours are most popular and  can make sure to offer the best possible schedule for Pole Play!

Open hours! The studio is open for Pole Play during the hours that are specified for Pole Play in the schedule (unless there are classes in direct connection to Pole Play), so make sure to stretch, shower and change before Pole Play is over!

Photo and filming! If you take photos or film: read our photo policy on the wall in the dance studio! Feel free to use our tripods that we have by the stereo and make sure to put them back when you’re done so that everybody get’s the chance to use them! If all the tripods are being used, just ask us in Pole Play Crew to help you!

First come, first served! The spots on Pole Play are not bookable, so it’s first come first served. When we are many at Pole Play, it is especially important that we get together and make sure everyone gets as much as possible out of their training. If all the poles are busy, maybe some students can share? In the unlikely event that you have paid for a Pole Play occassion but don’t get a pole, email us at info@vidapole.se and we will help you get a new session free of charge!

The stretch room! When there are no bookings in the stretch room you can use it during Pole Play! It’s perfect for warm up, stretching, strengthening exercises – especially if there’s alot of students in the dance studio!

Use our tools! Feel free the use the yogamats, weights, prehab and rubberbands! Return everything to it’s original spot when your done so that others can use it and the studio looks nice and clean.

The music! Change music on the Ipad as much as you like! If there are other students in the studio, choose music that feels okay for everyone! If you want to play a specific song you can queue it, that way no one get’s interrupted in their flow! You queue a song on the three dots and choose ”Lägg till i kön”!

The vibe! It’s very important for us that everybody feel comfortable and welcome, no matter if it’s your first time visiting Vida or you’re here several times a week! We hope that we can help each other create that feeling as much as possible by always saying hi, being kind and being helpful to one another! A smile goes a long way!

Hugs from Pole Play Crew!