Classes avaliable in English:

Level 1: At our first level, we work with the basic techniques of poledance and different spins. Together, we build up your technique, strength and body control so that you can get started with your pole training. No previous experience required, just come as you are! 💙 At first, it can feel a little unusual to train in shorts, even though it is what gives the best grip on the pole. Therefore, we have adapted the first classes at Pole 1 so that you can train in tights!

Nivå 2: On this level we will explore lots of fun new tricks while we continue to work with challenges and favorites from Pole 1! Among other things, you will learn tricks such as Climb, Prephang and Inverts. 💙

Level 2: On this level you will amongst other tricks be learning Invert (with straddle), Gemini (outside leg hang), Cross knee release and Hero. When these trick feel and look secure on both sides you are ready for the next level.

Level 3: On this level we will work on tricks such as Invert (Straddle), Climb, Gemini (Outside leg hang), Cross knee release and Hero! 💙