Free intro-classes

Welcome to our free intro class where we introduce you to the studio, our instructors, training pole as a work out form! You don’t need any prior experience to sign up for our level 1 or the Intro classes! 💙

➡️ See occasions and book your spot here!

Come just the way you are! You don’t need to be nervous going to the studio for the first time, we will make sure that you feel taken care of and answer all the questions you might have! 🐬

When it comes to clothes we know in the beginning it can feel a little strange training in shorts, even though that’s what gives the best grip on the pole. Therefore we have adapted our introclasses and the forst two classes on Level 1 so that you can wear longer pants as well! We will work on becoming comfortable in the studio and eventually using shorts to start working on tricks where we use the skin as help for better grip!💃

Psst! At Vida we want you to always feel welcome and included – no matter who you are! Pole is for everyone, regardsless of prior experiences or body shape. Movement, training and dance doesn’t have any age-limits. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 74, you are just as welcome!