Welcome to Vida!

This is how it works! 💙

→ New courses starting every 8 weeks
→ Classes for all levels!
→ One class per week +

In addition you get…
→ Free Pole Play several times a week!
→ You always have your own pole!
→ 50 % discount on all extracourses
→ Pole Party after every course!
Make up for missed classes

Welcome to Team Vida! 💙🐬


Welcome to Team Vida!
Everyone is welcome at Vida! Some believe that you need to look a certain way, be athletic or flexible to do poledance – that is not true at all! For us it’s important that pole is for everyone, no matter prior experience or physical attributes. You don’t need to know anything in advance to start, just come as you are! Movement, training and dance doesn’t have any age-limits. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 74, you are just as welcome!

So if you haven’t tried poledance yet, we want to encourage you to give it a chance, you have so much to explore! Because pole really is the perfect combination of dance, body control and strength – and it’s so fun that you forget you’re working out!

Practicing poledance you will keep developing, both physically and mentally! What can initoially feel tricky and uncomfortable will eventually fall into place and feel completely natural in the body!

When it comes to clothes we know in the beginning it can feel a little strange training in shorts, even though that’s what gives the best grip on the pole. Therefore we have adapted our introclasses and the forst two classes on Level 1 so that you can wear longer pants as well! We will work on becoming comfortable in the studio and eventually using shorts to start working on tricks where we use the skin as help for better grip!💃

Are you new in the poledancing community?
How fun, you are very welcome into the loving community!

Poledance is relatively young in Sweden, but is becoming more and more established both as a training form and a competition sport. In Stockholm, there are five poledance studios within the innercity, where Vida is one of the largest. The others studios are North Pole Studio, Sthlm Pole, FLOWStockholm and Studio Dancing Queen. Then there are a long line of studios throughout the country!

Vida Street Pole
Vida Street Pole is Sweden’s first outdoor pole, which we together with Stockholm City have set up in Rålambshovsparken, Kungsholmen! We are very proud of this project that makes it possible for everyone to try pole at the same time as it is an important initiative to increase gender equality in the outdoor space!